A week has past since the weekendOfMadness. Quite a few people have asked me how things are going since the sale. Here it is in my usual verbose manner (spreadsheet presentation with column headers “Day of the week”, “Units Sold”, “Michael’s Reaction”).

Mon – 0 – Sad, “I guess it’s all over”
Tue – 1 – Woooohoooo! – “It’s gonna be a New York Times bestseller”
Wed – 6 – “Outstanding . . . 6 is more than 1”
Thu – 7 – “I rock!”
Fri – 6 – “Hmmm”
Sat – 4 – “A Bell curve is not the graph shape I was aiming for . . . dammit!”

Note: Saturday night I had bookmarks and a blurb about the book inserted into the program of a local ballet performance with about 500 attendees.

Sun – 1 – “I guess ballet people don’t read YA, who knew.”
Mon – 0 – Sad, “I guess it’s all over”, I suck.

Related stuff comment: If you’ve read the book, the best thing you can do to help me is write a review and post it on

Unrelated stuff comment: I’m working on draft 2 of my next book (working Title: theMonster). NOT a kids book.


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